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We enter a herd to milk a dairy cow, drink a fresh glass it and pet the herd baby calfs


We proceed with an ecological walk that immerses us in the forest and makes us appreciate the local flora and fauna, while crossing smalls rivers, which makes thisa unique experience


After saddling the horses, learning the details of horseriding, we begin a tour of our facilities, which includes a waterfall called "Salto del angel", where we shall also herd some cattle.


After a fun dip in the waterfall, we conclude with a snack



We give you the opportunity of becoming a real “camarita” 

We offer several llanera activities that are realized by teams of at least 6 people in 2 teams, which comete in the "Llanerazos" of your company.

Choose five PLANS:


A calf of 3 or 4 months old is released in the cowboy sleeve. At one end are our aspiring "coleadores", who have the task of taking the animal from the tail and the head, with the objective of making it fall.

La enlazada del vaquero

In the hard days of our Llaneros, there is a tool that can never be forgotten, which is the rejo, made of the last sacrificed maute. In this activity, our cowboys will capture a parter of the opossing team.




It is time to put together a party, and what better way to start it than with a "zapateo" that will be done by our participants after being teached the steps by our dancing couples

Ensillada del potro

We release a group of horses inside the "manga" so that our new Llaneros can lasso, saddle and ride their new faithful steeds.

Corrida de marranos y gallinas

A big part of the llano's work is to feed hundred of vaqueros, and our labour will be to get the food. For this, our llaneros will have to go out and catch pigs and chickens.

Ordeño de la vaca mañosa

Cows are milked in the dawn to accompany the morning coffee and gain energy for our daily labours, so our llaneros will try to squeeze a few drops of milk from our cow "magola la mañosa".